We’re Polytopal, the human-A.I. interface company.

Our Offerings

Algorithmic Modeling

Human-centered AI that can turn messy business data into value for your customers and stakeholders.

Workflow Optimization

Leverage our proprietary tools that automate business processes for breakthrough human-AI collaboration.

Customer Experience

Acquire, delight, and impress your customers with seamless, intuitive, intelligent experiences

Strategic Partnerships

We accelerate digital transformation to create AI-first companies with impenetrable moats.

Case Studies

Giving Music a Bit of Personality

We worked with the personalization team from one of the world’s largest music streaming platforms to reshape how interaction data was used to develop recommendations, helping users gain a taste for novelty without losing track of the familiar.

Bringing Trans­parency to Financial Markets

We worked with a team developing privacy-preserving AI for one of the largest financial services institutions in the world. We designed a system for creating effective and explainable algorithms that create more fair and equitable financial markets.

Turning a Phone into a Photography Studio

We worked with a maker of photo-editing software to design the future of intelligent image editing, making modern computational photography techniques accessible to creators of all ages around the world.

Our Ethos

AI, Meet Design

We know that artificial intelligence is transforming every industry — that’s because we’ve been at the forefront building it. We believe deeply in the democratization of this technology by putting it in the hands of more people, and by helping organizations evolve along with it.

However, not every organization is at the same stage of adoption with AI. That’s why we’re an end-to-end consultancy collaborating at any stage in the product lifecycle, from concept design to algorithmic modeling to user interface and implementation.

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